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Superpower/Action anime like One Piece/Hunter X Hunter/Naruto

So I love One Piece, Naruto, Hunter X Hunter, and Fairy Tail but there's only one episode a week and I really need more anime like them to watch. I've also seen all of Bleach.

So there has to be super powers and great fighting/battles. What I love about the above anime is there's great character development too. You know everyone's abilities and you see them getting stronger. I love how they power up periodically, like when Luffy learned second and third gear, and later again masters haki. And how Naruto masters sage mode.

I also like that the main character is somehow destined for greatness, has a special ability to win over people's hearts, and has a special power or lineage. Like how Luffy is destined to become the pirate king (but not for selfish reasons), has conqueror's haki, and is Dragon's son.

Please suggest any anime that have the same feel that these do! I hope there are some out there
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