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Originally Posted by Jan-Poo View Post
Ah all right I must have missed that.

And I'm just adjusting the wiki, not the wikia, sorry. I don't really like the wikia network to be honest...
I don't quite like the whole idea of working for free for people that make a lot of money with overly disturbing ads
Yah.. Wikia is a minefield of wonderful information:
"In Dawn, it is revealed that Battler was born from his "step-mother" Kyrie but somehow he was given to Asumu."


Or how about Erika:

"After the true nature of her fate is brought to light (she did wash up onto Rokkenjima, but she was dead, having drowned in the ocean), she fades from existence and is ultimately removed from the story."

WTF?! Maybe that's the source of mis-information. 8)
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