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End of Ep3, Evatrice's puzzle which we have just mentioned yesterday.

Beatrice: "Starting now, I will deny witches in red. I will slice up the game board that she has laid out with her red. ...By doing that, ...I will probably lose my form as a witch as well. ...If you also hear the red truth I will tell, you will understand my true form."

Which means that there exists a red statement or a reasonably short set of red statements that will explain how Nanjo died, and which will also expose who Beatrice is, assuming Evatrice is a distinct culprit not equivalent to Beatrice. Otherwise, Beatrice's statement cannot be true -- it's not red, of course, but let's assume for a moment that it's true anyway.

Using the idea that a time lag exists between the red certifying everyone's death and the moment Nanjo is dead solves the problem by explaining how could someone kill Nanjo -- by dying between killing Nanjo and being declared dead in red together with everyone. However, this gives no leads whatsoever on Beatrice's true form, so if Beatrice's statement to Battler is true, that's probably not it.

Are any other solutions of Evatrice's wall of red possible? Alternatively, if the time lag idea is correct, is there a way it could expose Beatrice anyway?
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