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Wouldn't they have still been the Hasmonean dynasty as that time without Rome? Depending on what happens to the Parthian Empire or the Seleucid Empire of course. They have managed to be indepenant from time to time and one of those times was within a hundred years of Jesus.
Hasmonean dynasty was a brief period of Jewish independence that coincided with the gradual weakening of Seleucid Empire and Ptolemaic Egypt. It lasted as long as the power vacuum was there. When Roman Republic expanded, the Maccabees soon became its vessel state.

Even if Roman Republic was eliminated by the Gauls, eventually there would be a power to take over the region. The Jews would become subjects to the power, and eventually revolt.

But whether we would see some form of religion originated from Judea and spread across the Western world is anyone's guess. It needed someone like Paul to spread it around and a converted emperor like Constantine the Great to make it a state religion. In an alternate world, perhaps the pagan worships would last much longer.
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