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Okay, so I'm bumping this thread after so long. First, allow me to apologize for having neglected this thread for so long. Real life and school have been consuming much of my time lately. Second, allow me also to apologize for not really having a particular topic of the day to excuse me bumping this thread, but I don't want this thread to drown too long in the limbo. So I'll just respond to some post and recommending a number of good timelines.

@LeoXiao : I possess pretty much zero competence in dealing with linguistic porns, so I baited your question to those who know more. Here be the responds :

@Sumeragi : I wanted to ask you this immediately back then, but is there any title or two that I can look into to explore about christians in Japan and their role in preserving as much as they could of the pre-occupation order ?

@Kokukirin : I would actually place more confidence for the Persians in having more chance of establishing a stable order over Judea, considering their record there before Alexander's invasion. Certainly that it would only last as long as they won't take Sassanian approach of Zoroastrianizing their subjects (which IOTL was basically a reaction to Christianity, and wasn't a sustainable project).

As for the timelines I would recommend :
> Sweet Wormwood (A TL about Shun dynasty. Much appeal of this work, in addition to its narrative and alternate historical scenario, stems from seeing 17th century Chinese using modern American curses and vulgar speaks without actually stepping out from the world of its age It's like a GARer version of Suikoden set in real world, but better )
> Male Rising (One among very few timelines out there focused in Africa. Based on a real life event in Brazil as its PoD. A band of rebellious muslim slaves exiled from Brazil, bringing over the ideas of radical abolitionism and French Jacobinism, adapted in Islamic context, into the periphery of muslim world, which will exert lasting impact on Islamic sociopolitical intellectualism down the road. Also very notable for its excellent depiction of muslim day-to-day culture from muslim perspective. A must read.)
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