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Originally Posted by LeoXiao View Post
I have read all the updates for Sweet Wormwood; it's pretty entertaining to say the least. The use of language is very... interesting, considering I just got done taking Literary Chinese.
I like it how Li's ignorance for Confucian values imply for that TL's China's future. I hope the author will keep running it.

Though, among China-centered TLs, Hendryk's "Superpower Empire China" TL remains the shining comet. The only thing I will lament about it that its progress have been slloooooowwwww. But I can overlook that since it's a third attempt to improve realism and the outside contributions that he had accomodated into his TL have been all top-notch.

Let's have a new topic. Any interest in alternate religions/sects, alternate conversions and the resultant cultures, or OTL small/extinct religions that you'd like to them being more successful ? For example, a Judaism-off shoot that grows on Persian cultural basis, instead of Roman as in the case with OTL Christianity ? Or Turkic Tengrism organizing into messianic religion ? Or a resurgent Manichaeism ? Or Byzantines conquered by the Caliphate, resulting in Islamized Hellenistic culture the way Persian culture got Islamized IOTL ? (later two are my favorite ideas)
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