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After seeing that chart from Madhouse again, I just notice there's no relationship between the MC and Kudou for inviting to Photography Club, only Katsumi and MC relationship that the former invites the latter to join Photo Club unlike the chart from the game site. Probably doesn't mean anything though, since there's even no relationship between Hikari Sanehara, one of the main character, and the MC

Here's more report from the anime event weeks ago:

Gotta love Asuka Oogame's comment XD
"Doesn't matter how many heroines there are, I think boobs will win in the end"

There will be also live streaming on Niconico on April 10th (which decided as Photo Kano's Day) of another anime event called "TVアニメ「フォトカノ」~写真部の部室からお届けします~"

And speaking of seiyuu joke, here's two I found
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