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Originally Posted by physics223
I decided I won't download Touch just simply because it's too long ... 101 episodes! .
Hang on a sec. Let me check the rulebook. (ummmm...yes, yes... uh-huh....'kay)

After a in-depth check of the otaku rulebook, I find there is a clause that says you CAN just download a couple episodes at a time to see if you like it before dedicating weeks of your time to it. (Though most find something that catches their eyes and then jump in like hyper-strung weasels on Red Bull.)

Come on, just download the first couple episodes. It's okay. You could quit anytime. And all the geeky kids are doing it! If you like it, you can get a couple more next week. And then the week after that. If you do it right you can have something to look forward to for an entire year.
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