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If you want, you can easily fit maybe 6-8 episodes on a disc if you use KDVD!

Just use and use the KDVD templates in TMPGEnc!

To get a better quality (since the defaults aren't good enough for fansub sources) I suggest raising the max bitrate to 6000kbps and putting CQ at 80. The degradation is still noticable even with these settings but it's not as bad as the template's defaults... I would estimate the filesizes are anywhere from 500-700MB MPEG2! (normal DVDs use regular MPEG2 quantizers and get 1GB which means you are getting a lot much of a compression ratio!)

For anime, I suggest framserving from Vdub, and make sure VDUB takes care of any framerate conversion as TMPG's sucks. A nice trick is to convert frame rates to 23.976 in Vdub, frameserve to TMPG and encode with the interlace setting "3:2 Pulldown on Playback." Then in TMPG's FPS settings use "23.976(29.97 internal)" This should encode non-interlaced material that takes up less space (it only encodes 23.976fps) and is viewable on TVs and computers! Make sure the color format is set to "Component" (NTSC or PAL isn't recommended because they both aren't seperated colors) One more thing is to make sure the Max GOP setting is no higher than 18 for NTSC material, no higher than 15 for PAL material and DO NOT CLOSE THE GOP!

Encode with TMPGEnc into an M2V file, (MPEG2 video stream) and encode your audio in either AC3 or MP2. (I prefer MP2 since AC3 encoding has proven to be a bitch and BeSweet cannot produce fully compatible AC3 streams) MP2 recommended bitrate for stereo stuff is 192-224kbps ATLEAST! AC3 is the same.

Use TMPGEnc's MPEG Tools (File -> MPEG Tools) and multiplex the MP2/AC3 and M2V file together to form an MPEG file. (.mpg)

As long as you kept every setting in TMPGEnc, within standard, the encode should be fully compatible (unlike KVCD) with DVD players!
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