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That depends on your DVD-Recorder If you have a 4x Recorder it takes 15 Minutes to burn a full DVD, if you have a 8x...... guess what

@all others
I just used Nero Vision Express to burn Macross Zero Ep. 1-3 on a DVD as DVD-Video.

Everything went fine, no Errors from Nero.
But... it doesnt play on my DVD-Player and also not on Power DVD on my PC.

i used all the default Options in Nero, and only changed a few Things in the look of the Menu.

As i live in germany Region thingy was set to PAL, is it possible that this might be a Problem, cause the Anime is in NTSC ???

well, cant try again at the moment, cause im out of DVD-R's ;(

P.S. It took 2:40h to encode and burn the 90minutes of Macross

I hope somebody can help
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