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Originally Posted by Walküre
As i live in germany Region thingy was set to PAL, is it possible that this might be a Problem, cause the Anime is in NTSC ???
You must use PAL if you want to view the show on your TV, some PAL sets can use NTSC material but just to be safe it's best off converting the video to PAL

In TMPG.......

First use Vdub to convert the resolution to 720x576, and convert the framerate to 25fps. (If source is 24 some ppl like to do PAL speedup but I hate it) Then frameserve this to TMPGEnc

Now in TMPGEnc, use aspect ratio 4x3 PAL, framerate 25fps, and color system component. Interlace option I'm not so sure about with PAL material as I'm an NTSC user, but I suggest using "Non-Interlace." Finally.......Encode it

If all went well the video SHOULD work fine...


Also for everyone who is bitching at the encode speed of DVD material, you all are stupid if you didn't see it coming...... MPEG1 can be done fast, and realtime on some machines, but MPEG2 is a much more complex format. Current machines can DECODE it in realtime, without the assistance of a hardware decoder, but encoding is a whole 'nother operation. MPEG2 usually encodes a bit faster than the best MPEG4 settings but if you want ULTIMATE quality MPEG2....well you're going to have to wait.

For 23mins, I can encode MPEG1 in about 45mins, MPEG2 takes about 1 1/2 to 2 hours.
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