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Originally Posted by ChibiDusk
Come on people comments? likes? dislikes? just don't nominate, the rest is ok.
From yours, I like
test1, yay Risky but where's Safety. Nice blocks on the font.
test2, yay Bottle Fairies. Funky font.
test4, yay Sugar. Very nice but I think a new font would improve it. I like the leaf at the end of the word but I find it difficult to read (if I didn't know it said AnimeSuki, I would be struggling).
test17, don't know who this is
test4_edit, is that Rizel? The red leaves are to similar and problem with font again.

Favs, test2, test1, test4 (if it had a new font).

Hellychan. Daisuki. Oooooohhhhh, nice, but why is he wearing a life-jacket
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