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[PC] Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate (Love, Election, and Chocolate)

With the anime have been announced, this is a thread for game players who wish to discuss the game, or to discuss their expectations of the anime based on their game experiences.

Title: Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate (vndb)
Brand: Sprite (region-locked)
Genre: 18+ AVG
Themes: Romance, Drama, and High School Politics
Release Date: 2010-10-29

Premise and OP are at the top of the anime thread. Here's a nice review of the game.

WARNING ABOUT SPOILERS: This thread will contain spoilers about game events. While participants are encouraged to use spoiler tags if revealing specific end-game details or plot twists, this thread is intended primarily for people who have already played the game or are at least willing to be spoiled about it.

I'm going to start the discussion by continuing from the anime thread.

Originally Posted by Zexas View Post
It's one of those VN where I found some people had a beef with the "main" heroine. Seriously I don't like chisato route at all - I found mifuyu route to be far superior.
Spoiler for Like when:
Personally, I found the drama in the Mifuyu arc to be a bit too drawn out for my taste. It certainly provided a lot of "intensity", but a lot of it was Mifuyu being frustratingly silly and immature. And then, when they finally resolved that, they had to launch into even more drama, because that just wasn't enough. At the end of it, I sort of felt like I just wanted a break from all the tension. One of the characters in most need of an after story, in any case, just so we can really see Mifuyu be happy for an extended period of time. Certainly, as a character, I liked her well enough (and actually, I really liked all the characters in this game, and their routes to varying degrees, which is one of the reasons I have some hope for the anime, since it could re-work/combine some of the stories to take the best of each part).

While I have a few qualms with the Chisato route (particularly with the ending), she did reach lethal levels of cute and deredere in some parts. The most memorable scene in the game for me was the morning after she and Yuki became an official couple. If there were a good use for the "so moe I fucking died" meme, that would be it for me. I think they make a really good couple, which is it makes sense that her route is the "base route" for the game.
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