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Mifuyu as a character was good, but her route itself was too drama-loaded and packed with an aura of uneasiness roughly after Yuki's "love realization" has started. I must say that I have a clear dislike about this kind of love triangle as it has happened on her route.
Spoiler for Mifuyu:

If the anime wants to focus on waves of either love-drama or plot/election-drama, they should opt for Mifuyu or Isara (I mean there were moments where a temporary "You have failed" sign was looming in the air election-wise). I cannot comment on Michiru's because I didn't understand the main jist of her route that well.
Chisato's drama really only started after her jealousy on Isara "escalated" when she argued with Yuki and her past re-emerged to slap her. Of course on my first playthrough I didn't mind any bit of drama on Chisato's route, but retropective I can see flaws
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