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After watching 3 episodes (yes including the one that aired a few hours ago) i have a small idea what the anime is doing.
My initial reaction was that the anime felt rushed , because in the game there was some slight buildup to it before the club was in actual jeopardy of being disbanded. The idea of joining the election to prevent the disbanding of the club took place slightly later in the game.
Eventhough it was not a bad idea in retrospect for doing so, because the anime could start the election settings earlier and thus the anime watchers could easier get interested in this anime .

Spoiler for spoilers:

edit: eventhough "Non-chan" was promoted as a main heroine for the psp port, i doubt that the anime will do anything with that
Just like that the Mashiro iro Symphony anime didn't add anything from Sana's route on the psp

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