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Really? I'm only finding it not an absolute rule out yet because while you guys say omission it felt to me more like a reorder of events. So I personally thought Isara's events were pushed to later as opposed to coinciding so that the flow of events remain.

It's true that an actual route/ending of Isara is unlikely, however I am fairly certain problems you see with the school/system that involve Isara are relevant. (Otherwise why bother with Oosawa scandal lol).

And yes I'm aware most, if not everything can pretty much singlehandedly be resolved by Satsuki which is why other character omitting levels other than Chisato is quite likely. Heck even Chisato's had lower allocation such as having Oojima directly introduce himself with Satsuki and Isara alone as opposed to with Chisato nearby or next to him (and Mifuyu too for Satsuki's meeting).

I guess I'm expecting more flashbacks, granted I generally don't like a large amount of flashbacks unless it's extremely relevant.

If I recall, in the game Oojima actually actively (or wanted to) find love aka a girlfriend, but the anime very vaguely implies this (like the start of episode 2 with the destined one comment in his room directed at Chisato). Though I guess having Oojima get particularly happy over meeting Satsuki and Isara are sufficient.

I recall the election is for the most part persistent through most of the game, and not like a minor early event (ex: Otoboku) where you get over 75% of the vote within the first three episodes (or early enough in the game) where winning was important but not particularly integral. Much different here in Koichoco where you either genuinely want to win or learn enough so you can still make a difference (since the chocolate club is like a completely irrelevant third party so to speak).

Speaking of which, the school has 6000 students right? Why wasn't there a mention of how big the school is? I'm not familiar with private high schools, but when other visual novel adaptations have like 700 (ex: Clannad), 6000 does look a LOT more. [Especially when the preliminaries require 10% votes hence 600 people which is no easy feat.]

I still think it's a reordering of events rather than omissions. But if I looked at in an omission viewpoint, yes I would agree it did look like a TON was omitted. I mean yes I can see how you want to leave Koichoco somewhat happy but um, there are components that aren't exactly happy happy.

Thanks for the inputs. After watching the end of episode 3 I got drastically interested in game events and the reordering or omission and wanting to know why for instance, or what could be implemented next.
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