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Originally Posted by hyl View Post
Didn't the anime skip most parts of Mifuyu supporting Chisato and Yuuki (and commenting about how dense Yuuki was)?

As for the Hazuki scene, it was happened in the first 15 minutes of the game
I can't read anything from the trial but didn't Oojima have a private encounter with Hazuki before that scene? Like he was shopping or something and bumped into her or something. [Then there's the earlier Isara encounters which you guys mentioned were omitted (but maybe it shows up episode 4?)]

Now the anime doesn't need to be exact to the game, but reordering events isn't exactly chronological. The current omissions seem okay (like Michiru's welcome party) to be more concise or having less food club idle time and getting right into the manifesto.

Since the PSP game isn't out I can't really ask if there is anything specific to it, but from what I've seen there isn't much deviation from the game either. The most important points of the game are featured in the anime, I suppose.

And yeah I should realize a girl is more likely to win if she has more screen time (Satsuki) than usual rather than less (Isara). However one can argue that just about everything that was already shown is all common route material.

Well, based on VN adaptation trends, route specific content doesn't usually manifest until say an episode 5, 6, or 7. By 8 or 9 you're guaranteed something.

And hyl you're right, as far as omissions go, ironically other than Satsuki (whose scenes we already saw actually appear in other locations), even Chisato specific scenes were done less. There's less Chisato room penetration. There's less morning conversations (particularly due to animating Oojima walking around alone for a good portion of episode 2). Actually this I find interesting. While a Chisato end is no guarantee nor is it out of the question, there is indication it could go either or and it's staying neutral currently.

I personally did find it weird that not much about the distaste of chocolate was emphasized, or what Oojima actually wants normally (love/girlfriend) because the student council running is more like "event triggering" that even he initially didn't want (as opposed to a nice/destined girlfriend/love which he clearly wouldn't mind).

The other interesting contrast is having "daily characters" (like the club members hanging around each other) not knowing too much about one another (such as Chisato not knowing what Oojima is doing, or the Shinonome sister fact, or other things). Since all the daily club stuff which is normally present in the game was totally omitted and fast forwarded, I felt like the two "monkeys" (who I don't recall being called monkeys in the anime at all) didn't even have their named mentioned for the most part. [You knew everyone's names from the club members introducing themselves to Michiru but since you didn't have the Michiru welcome party, you didn't even have character introductions!]

I guess it's good and bad. You minimize any effect of a drag out by keeping the main interesting points and plot momentum but enough holes to be curious about backstory and what will happen next.

If I recall though, Koichoco's greatest strength was in its watercolor drawing, as opposed to its writing. Seems an acceptable level from what I read on reviews, but far from perfect or ideal. (Lol or Chisato being required to be finished first on the first playthrough).

I find this very interesting as while the game pointed out Oojima dense effects, in this case he looks proactive. (Though really the dense effect is towards Chisato but then you can integrate the childhood friend effect or them as a "team" or "pair" ... which the anime didn't really mention either.) In fact most scenes you see are Chisato NOT with Oojima (or not seeing the same thing like how Oojima sees a propeller and mask).

Well, I expect the cooking thing to occur. Funny, you'd have Isara cookies which are salty and then you have Chisato cooking where you know that's her only major weakpoint. I'm not sure what order goes what but um yeah I think the Isara cookies were first.

Sure interested as to what will come next. Can't deviate too far into a route or it'll sway too far from the base plot but who knows.
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