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Originally Posted by hyl View Post
You mean aside from Satsuki's bad relationship with Hazuki, which is already shown so early. I don't think Satsuki appeared that much before the actual elections, so the anime has to compensate it somehow.

I was actually more interested in the politics than the art when i first played it a few years ago. I actually didn't play this game when it first came (i was busy with kisaragi gold star ) out but after i have heard that it was a drama ridden story surrounding politics, i got more interested.
I didn't mind a forced playing order, because Chisato's route was pretty important and like Relentlessflame has posted a few years ago it was the "base route" of the game.
Enforced playing orders in general (like Hatsuyuki Sakura or Fate/Stay night) are not bad if it's done well, but that is just my opinion
Satsuki does appear in the common route if you are headed for her or Mifuyu's route. All the anime did was change the location on where those events happen. Bike chain on school grounds instead of street. Horse race talk in school hallway instead at bridge(?) area. I'm going through Satsuki's route right now so I can confirm this. However, iirc, the conversation between Hadzuki and Satsuki happens near the beginning of her route.

As for the politics. I was on the edge of my seat for Isara's version. There was a lot of tension and drama which really had me worried on how things would end up. I'm not sure if any other version can compare to it imo, but I have yet to go through every route so this opinion could be premature.

Btw.. does anyone think that Chisato's personality has been toned down in the anime to be more likeable? The fact that she let Oojima walk around all morning by himself and not questioning him about as strongly as she would in the VN has made me wonder how they are going to handle her story in the adaption.
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