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We could go even further: Ange was convinced in EP4 that if she hadn't "betrayed" Maria, nothing would've happened. Maybe Maria didn't just know about Battler's fall, maybe she pushed him off to get back at Ange! Gives "FALL FALL KYAKYAKYAKYAKYAKYAKYA" a whole new meaning - it's actually "FALL!!!!! FALL!!!!! KYAKYAKYAKYAKYA!"

Of course, had Battler returned a year earlier either Kawabata's tuning hadn't gone out of hand yet (just read the scene in EP1, apparently he has been tinkering continuously with his boat) or Ange was still part of Mariage Sorciere (when exactly did their breakup happen anyway? I always assumed it happened during the 1985-family conference). A year later... and Yasu might've not been there to blow everyone up.

No wonder Battler seemed pretty clueless in EP1-4!

Alright, that's enough crack from me for now. Sorry if those kind of "lol-theories" belong to the fanfiction topic as this is obviously just as serious as the parallels between Willy Wonka and Beatrice. Though, in the end do we know whether Battler was really there? Sure, everyone expected him to be there...
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