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You know...

Thinking about EP4, and Kyrie's group, there were only two people who didn't do anything, and that's Nanjo and Kyrie.

The others had fought.

Shannon and Kanon linked up to fight against the Chiesters. Krauss had his battle against Virgilia's strongest Goat.

Nanjo... he... ran super fast for someone his weight and age? Kyrie... she hid for a while inside a locked room.

Especially for Kyrie, who had been shown to slow time down during her fight against Leviathan in EP3, in EP4 she was reduced to running away.

It's been a while since the last time I've read EP6, but even that had boiled down to the same thing: Kyrie running away to lock herself in a room.

This contradicts the images of her given in Bern's EP7 Tea Party, and her EP8 game. I'm willing to claim that the images of Ep4 represents a form of their actions: Shannon and Kanon personalities were fighting for control against Beatrice, Krauss may have fought against Yasu physically even... but Kyrie and Nanjo? They ran and hid. Any reason they may have had in aiding Yasu may have just been because they trembled in front of Yasu, and Kyrie was never really all that to begin with.

Even what she tells Jessica about "killing Asumu," fits this. She was "prepared to take Asumu's life herself." so that when Asumu did die do to circumstances beyond Kyrie's control, Kyrie still says that she did it herself.. But that's just the thing: Kyrie did not kill Asumu, and this will not change regardless of what Kyrie claim.

I think Kyrie is just a sham, and is not as mentally prepared to carry out a mass murder as shown in Ep7 and 8.

Without love this picture cannot be seen.

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