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I heard KnM's Rosa=Beatrice theory recently too...
Though it doesn't line up.

At least not if we all agree that the culprit is the same for every game.
here are a few of my problems with Rosa=Beatrice

It is true that Rosa would have an easy time dressing up as beatrice - she is a fashin designer after all, and her clothes have pretty much the same color pattern as the ones Piece-Beato used in the 2nd Game.

So yeah I rewatched the anime as it was said Ryokishi hid additonal hints in there a few things I realized there for the first time:

- The locked/unlocked status of a room is almost never checked by the detective, in most cases it isn't checked at all and everyone just assumes them to be locked simply because their owners have the habit of locking them.

- Genji took a knife out of the kitchen. both Kumasawa as well as Najo had their throats cut open in the second game - it is later shown that he still has that very knife even at the point were He stays behind in the kitchen while the other 3 leave. He is also the one to discover the corpses of Najo and Kumasawa.

- You never actually see Kanon Slit their throates, you do however see how Shanon jumps back. if Genji had given her the knife she could have easily done that in the process.

When 'Kanon' came in claiming Rosa is the culprit whiel having a would you can pretty much assume that he is telling the truth, however please don't forget:
At the time Jessica was killed, Rosa was with several other people.

Now lets compare all this to a few rules we already know about:

Batler's sin and Beatrice:
It is a sin Batler comitted against Beatrice, 6 yeras ago, meaning while he was 12.
I saw someone claiming the sin was him being Maria's father(Comment at the KnM Video) ... Aehm, hello? Its not like we haven't seen Rosa flirting with him, and going easy on him no matter how much he opposed her, and cut into their family affairs. however please note: Maria is NINE, not six, nine. Meaning battler would have been 9 when Maria was born.

So nope being Maria's father was most certainly not his sin against Rosa. In fact the only other way you could connect Rosa to battler is the theory some people brought up in the past that Rodulf is Maria's father.
Still no sin Battler --> Rosa

Rosa Culprit:
No matter how you loo at it, Rosa couldn't have done any crime after the first twilight.
The first one was indeed possible for her, the others though not.
So she would have needed genji's help. He was the only one who could have comitted all the other crimes, as Shanon/Kanon was with Jessica at that time, leaving Genji unaccounted for.

However as soon as you turn Genji into her accomplice for the other murder's he becomes much more than an accomplice - he becomes a culprit.

Accdoring to Will none of the servants must be the culprit

George accomplice:
What applies to Rosa in game two applies to him as well, during several murders he was within eyereach of battler thus not able to commit any crime.

then there is another rule one must not overlook:
There are no accomplices. There is but one killer and he did it all alone.

And here a soft rule:
'Beatrice' killed them all

Adding that and a few other things together only few arguments for Rosatrice are left, like for example 2nd game Beato's apparance and the fact that Rosa was the one having seen her dead - so she could have devleoped a 'Beatrice personality'.
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