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After watching episode two, I was immediately favoring L in their conflict. The moment that L showed up on the television, I knew that the worst thing that Light could possibly do was kill him, and that he would do exactly that.

Light's ambition is to become a god, correct? There is one thing that all gods need, and that is followers. Light has followers because he is taking out criminals. When Faux L went up on the screen, he stated that he worked for the law. Light should have known that killing Faux L would have taken away from a resource that he would almost definitely need later. This poor thought on Light's part shows that he isn't thinking far enough in the future. If this doesn't change, Light is going to be at a disadvantage throughout this conflict.

On the other hand, L showed off his cunning strategy and high quality deduction skills. He made Light divulge a lot of information without giving away much himself. It may have been a better move to allow Light to believe that he had truly defeated L, but based off of the rest of his performance in this episode I am inclined to believe that he has a reason for it.

So really, after the second episode Light has made an error that caused him to lose followers, and to have his location revealed to L. With that combined with L's logical abilities, it seems that L has the upper hand at the end of episode two.

*heads off to watch ep3*
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