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The Day they Cried

I remember seeing in the anime store (I live in Canada so to my luck there is an anime store where i can rent anime although the internet is getting very useful today), an anime that was called The day they cried. But it was the exact same anime as Higurashi no naku koro ni.

Is that the english title that they gave it? I personally don't know why animes have to have different names from the japanese ones... Is the translation for Higurashi no naku koro ni, they day they cried? Seems a lot more shorter than the original name. To tell you the truth i am half japanese but I don't even know this... hehe a long way to go. The story of the anime is complicated. I don't quite understand the concept of the anime but I does involve blood and gore WHICH I LOVE XD ... Just to tell you, there is no nudity because you know how there's usually anime with gore and nudity but this ones different.

I hate that this anime ends with a never ending cliff hanger! At the end, the little girl with a think purple hair, says to the detective "Fine I'll play your game." What does that mean? what game is she playing? I know that she will die because all the other characters died, however, she looks like as if she was waiting for this... suspicious...

There are sooo many questions that are always unsolved for me with that anime.. If you could help this poor stupid head understand the story better, that would be a great help!
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