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I'm not sure if you can call it far superior than Naruto and Bleach. So far the action sequences of Avatar in my opinion is way better (because they don't take 5 minutes explaining what exactly they just did) but if you condense Naruto and Bleach's best action scenes in an AMV or something they look cooler. Plot-wise, Naruto and Bleach has it down better, but they are plagued with fillers and sometimes uneventful episodes. Avatar has literally no fillers and is really more exciting as a whole. Every episode is mostly enjoyable and keeps you wanting for more. Avatar is right now my favorite action animated TV series.

Comparisons aside, I love Avatar. Fight scenes such as at the southern water temple is really exciting, and it has a wonderful mix of action, comedy, and romance. That's right, it's probably the only American animation I've seen with romance, and while it's not the main focus, it's done really well in moderation. What I love most is the voice acting, especially Toph's. She doesn't sound like a squeaky teenager or a failed attempt at a 50 year old imitating a teenager.
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