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Originally Posted by aohige View Post
Yeah, becuase you know, nothing new ever comes out of Japan.

At least it's better than having to sit with an American adult from south who can't even do simplest percentages in his head, think Indian and Arabs are the same people, cries "terrorist!" when he sees Tunak Tunak music video, and don't even know that China, Japan, and Korea are all diffrent countries with diffrent forms of governments.
Come, now, that's answering one inappropriate generalization with another. People of that level of ignorance are found in all parts of the US... and all parts of any other nation (even the first-world, well educated ones).

At least the stereotype of Japanese and German education being composed of strict, wrote-memorization and regurgitated facts isn't all bad: As I told a German friend, we lazy Americans need some one to take our inventions and then build them right.

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