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The schools in my district (a small town in north NJ) have been a lot more about writing/thinking than about testing/memorization. History classes are largely about testing during earlier grades but by high school testing is a much smaller part of the class and the tests we do have are usually more about writing. I think I've written more essays in my history classes than I have in my English classes.
But my high school is probably in the top 10 or 5% in the country for public high schools because my town is rich, which brings me to my next question about schools in Japan...

In America, how good schools are in a school district is largely about how rich the school district is. Towns with lots of wealthy people will usually have lots of money going into the town's schools, so the schools will consequently be among the best of public schools. Towns with mostly poor people will usually have small amounts of money going into the town's schools, and consequently the schools will usually be of poorer quality.
The difference between good public schools and bad public schools can be GIGANTIC within the same state, and consequently the achievements gaps between the rich and poor are huge in education.

Does Japan have an educational system like this where children of richer people are given better education than children of poorer people? I'm asking about public schooling foremost; but am also interested to know what private schools can do for people of the various socioeconomic backgrounds.
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