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Ahh, John Locke reminds me of IPR laws and how it has problems when it comes to joint inventions, but that's another story.

I guess it is only natural for a country to paint itself as good an image as possible. I don't agree with this at all but it is the reality. I was in the Japanese education system until Primary 2 and we were told/watched various stories based on the "war". Basically, all us kids knew was that Japan was in a war in the past and got bombed badly, killing lots of families and civilians.

Me, being a cynic take this to be the start of the "brainwashing" process (which I hear so much about but never had the chance to experience it myself) by first invoking the emotional feelings of little kids. What we see and learn as kids unconsciously form our adult personalities and opinions in the future.

Now, I like Imperial War Museums and checking out controversies. My parents were far less than amused when I felt like checking out Yasukuni so I didn't.

Since this seems biased against Japan, let me remind you of an earlier post about the USA simply "withdrawing" from the Vietnam War. Another form of "brainwash". Happens everywhere.

For the record, I'm a Hong Konger who grew up in Japan for 5 years, UK for 2.5 years, and Hong Kong for 10 years. I'm now back in the UK, as an undergrad.

Edit: To add to the topic, the world is a whole mix of a countless number of people, races and culture with a hugely diverse history. I believe no one culture is superior to the other. Every country and culture has its pros and cons. Hong Kong is a highly efficient city criticised for its lack of innovation. The UK on the other hand is very artistic, "loose" and more creative but nowhere near as efficient as Hong Kong.
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