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The mercenaries didn't need to be given a proper reason. They only needed to know they weren't hired. Even if they don't conclude with 100% certainty the expedition is canceled (unlikely, because the reasons it's canceled are public), they can make a guess, and so can whoever knows they weren't hired. Which is pretty much everyone in the region.
Firstly, I believe the mercenaries-turned-bandits were based in the North, which could mean they were actually hired by, or sympathetic to, the heretical lands. (Correct me if I'm wrong, cowteats.) They were quite possibly not the same mercenaries who were to be hired for the march north.

That doesn't preclude the fact that any news of cancellation would have spread quickly and crashed the market. The entire town of Rubinhaigen had known it for some time. Lawrence didn't know because 1) he was uncharacteristically careless about gathering information beforehand, and/or 2) bad plotting. That's what I think anyway.
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