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I disagree with you all.
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It could be that it is not uncommon for mercenaries to pillage, though it's strange that no one in Rubinhaigen manage to foresee anything. Also, I wonder how approachable the mercenaries are, or how much contact the mercenaries have with society, given that they do such dastardy deeds.

Workers for Olympic games would have spread the information among society of now easily, being healthy members of society, and using the aid of the communication tools we have now. But is it possible that mercenaries weren't much in contact with society to begin with? It could be that even though they weren't hired, no one knew about it, yet.

Once again, all these are just speculations.
Mercenaries who pillage their employers' own land before the fight's even started don't get hired. By anyone.

As for how much contact they have with society - I'd seriously doubt that they don't have "contacts" with the town's taverns. And whores. And foodsellers. And all sorts of people who'd notice a lack of paying customers.
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