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Originally Posted by DanielSong39
No matter how things turn out, it was an important (and expensive) lesson for Lawrence. He's been way too reckless on a number of occasions and such a lifestyle almost inevitably leads to ruin. You can't push all-in every single time if you wish to succeed over the long run.
Eh? When has Lawrence been "reckless"? Opportunistic, yes maybe, but reckless? He's an entrepreneur and all entrepreneurs are "reckless" risk-takers to some extent. After all, higher risks lead to higher profit.

If anything, I would argue that it was Horo who had been reckless and impulsive, not Lawrence. She jumped in unexpectedly to raise the selling price of his marten pelts, using a ploy that was almost like a scam. She shows a complete disregard for Lawrence's attempts to save his precious silver, arrogantly confident that she can earn her keep and more.

If you ask me, Lawrence had been fairly careful and intelligent throughout the anime. He could have avoided his present predicament had he heard about the market crash in advance, but unfortunately, information does not flow easily. Not in a modern economy, let alone a medieval one.
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