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Originally Posted by Jehuty View Post
Am I the only one that's deeply touched by the ending theme? it's really soothing, and yet, there is so much sadness to be felt from it. I had to listen to it like 3 times because I liked it that much. the 1st time I heard it it made me get a little misty eyed - and it's been so long since an anime's ever done that. I mean, just the ED alone...

I will definitely be following this anime.
Ending theme Natsu-Yuuzora(which means evening sky in summer)is also praised by Natsume-thread in 2channeru,as the best ending in this Anime season.
It remains me of good summer memory in my childhood.

Natsu-Yuuzora sounds somewhat exotic to me, cause it's melody along with Shimauta in Amami islands.
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