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Nyanko sensei appears in Asakusa.

Anime staff dedicated Manekineko-style Nyanko sensei at Imado Jinja(shrine),which is well known for Manekineko.
OMG, hoshii~~~~!

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hm...I think Reiko's reasoning for not having friends was quite a bit more deeper than that...not so much people's inability to believe, but rather, the fickle and shallow nature of human-kind. Atleast, I thought that was the underlying message when she mentioned this to Shimogami in ep2. People don't need to believe and/or accept to be part of society imho. Think religion...just because you don't believe and accept another's religion, doesn't mean you're isolated from society.

Obviously this is a little more than that (being able to see what others cannot), but hey I could be wrong...i hope they expand on Reiko more over the next few weeks.
Hm...yeah. See, I missed that xD. All these little philosophies usually take a me a few watches to properly absorb and I'm still only up to round 2 for episode 2. xxD I can't remember if the mangaka expanded on Reiko as much for the first couple of stories but I'm pretty sure she wasn't touched upon so much in the chapters after. Perhaps they'll feature more flashbacks of her in the anime.

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Edit: on another note..I'm really impressed by Inoue Kazuhiko's ability to go from abnoxious cutesy voice to bad ass voice at the flip of a switch...pretty crazy lol
*nods nods* You have my wholehearted agreement there.
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