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Personally, every single episode of this show so far has been AMAZING. Whether it's frightful, wistful, sorrowful or joyful, this show had so many emotions in only a few episodes. I haven't had that kind of feeling since the earlier episodes of Shigofumi.

It's like a much calmer and more emotionally moving version of xxxHolic.

As for the ED, I almost hate it since it keeps making me tear up... Such a great, sad song. On top of the show being entirely about loneliness and dealing with it by interacting with Ayakashi, the feeling of sweet melancholy is not only impressive, but it's leaving a weird feeling on me as a viewer. This is basically why I watch anime, though I'm not a particularly discriminating anime fan (since I do love my share of shonen and magical girl shows..)

Another thing that impresses me is that the main character isn't a distant, sullen and moody character just for the hell of it and because it's the cool thing to do. He is basically isolated by a lot of things that are out of his control (jeez, talk about real life metaphors. I can TOTALLY understand Natsume's feeling of being isolated thanks to just freakish consequences). It feels that everything in this show has some definite meaning and logic to it. I don't get that out of most shows that deals with the supernatural or Ayakashi. Even great shows such as Mushishi tends to feel a bit distant about it since Ginko has such a hands-off approach to things. Totally the opposite for Natsume, even if he has long since become a jaded teen. I'm just impressed with lots of things in this show.
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