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Originally Posted by tsunade666 View Post
Then the author should just have didn't add it. The web version even had ecchi chapters though it's remove in the released book.

The story revolves in Kirito in VR games. No wonder the real story when Alocization starts. The girls just seem forced for me. It's like playing vn game with force ecchi scenes and it's boring.
It seems that you do not like harem and ecchi scenes,right?But let's face it,light novels are mainly for the Japanese market and the reality is that Japanese light novel fans and otaku like harem and ecchi scenes.Right now,light novels with harem element which have some fan service/ecchi scenes dominate the Japanese light novel market.It's a trend among the otakus,so it's understandable that the author wants to add some harem elements in the series itself.However,SAO is actually one of the few harem light novels which has minimal fan service or ecchi scenes.There is only one Chapter 16.5 that contains ecchi or hentai scenes which I think should not be considered as a part of the main story and only for those who like ecchi.
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