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As a huge fan of yuri, I'd love to share with you some of the ones that I liked that haven't been mentioned yet. <3


Kannazuki no Miko - I think every person who seeks to find yuri eventually finds themselves watching this. That's what happened to me. xD It's quite popular. The story is not that bad, really. In fact, it will get you hooked at some point.

Maria-sama ga Miteru - now I know it's all subtext, but hey, this is the first yuri anime I've seen and it's forever one of my favorites. From a series of light novels, this one won't disappoint. It's a sweet and romantic story that will surely set your heart aflutter. It's really beautiful. <3

Blue Drop Tenshi-tachi no Gikyoku - one of my favorites. This is somehow underrated, but it's a wonderful story. I'm warning you, you gotta prepare yourself for the drama of this anime, because the first time that I watched it from beginning to end, I went through an extensive emotional roller coaster that I wasn't able to resist. All my feelings, I just couldn't stop.


Sasameki Koto - a story about two girls who can't find the courage to just tell each other their true feelings rather than just sitting around staring at each other and wallow themselves in aaaaaangst. lol but seriously, it's a romantic comedy that will make you laugh and wish there would be more progress between the two. Don't lose hope, though. For all we know, we're in for a big surprise in the later chapters. ^-^ (I discovered that this manga exists by watching it's anime adaptation first.)

Kimi Koi Limit - this one's promising. It looked interesting from the get-go and I decided to start reading it. And oooh, what do we have here? A love triangle! xD It's another drama, and it's sort of funny as well. I like the art. ^-^ I'm already rooting for the girl who I want the protagonist to end up with. xD

It's a bit sad why there aren't much yuri anime this year. I'm hoping there would be an anime adaptation for Girl Friends and Strawberry Shake Sweet, because they're a favorite of mine, and it would be so nice if they would grace my screen with their wonderful characters and and heartwarming storylines. I'm also hoping for a second season of Saki. @_@ It shouldn't just end where it ended! T-T I want more!

Many anime series today though, they never fail to include bits and pieces of this lovely genre into their own plot. I'm sure it's not just me with my yuri goggles on. lol
"Yuri goggles... ON!"
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