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Originally Posted by jedinat View Post
Husky and Medley - apparently based on a true story
Just marathoned this, as it being based on a true story really piqued my curiosity.

Some thoughts in spoiler space below.

Spoiler for Short Husky and Medley review, some spoilers:

Originally Posted by Kazu-kun View Post
Did you read only the tankobon? There are two more chapters after that:

Chocolate Kiss Kiss
Wishing on the Moon

These chapters continue the story of Nana and Hitomi. It's Morinaga at her best, I'd say.
And just read these two as well. Thanks a lot, Kazu-kun!

Darn, why doesn't any of this have anime adaptions?

Two very nice chapters. Good work by Morinaga to say the least.

Thanks to everybody for their recommendations. Still looking for as many as possible. Will post my thoughts on whatever I check out based on those recommendations.
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