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Originally Posted by Jin Kizuite View Post
There was too many relevations and suprises within this episode. How Masako and Kanba are siblings, and that after the ending we know that their true dad is actually dead. Looking back at past episodes and the letters Masako reads, about how her father cannot come back to the house, I found it shocking he was actually dead.

Also the Tarakura's are actually dead was also pretty significant. Was wondering why the restaurant went from pretty nice to a dumphole when Himari entered.

I don't post often but this felt like the best episode to date.
Tbh, the revelations were already revealed or strongly hinted at in earlier episodes. Masako literally called Kanba "onii-sama" in episode 19. So that wasn't a revelation. That Kanba went with their dad etc. was kind of though. That his dad and the takakuras were dead was strongly hinted at as well. It wasn't a surprise for me that Kanba was adopted either. I called it back in that episode with the flashback where Kenzan was talking on phone about one son of someone else then asked about his wife. But this
Spoiler for don't click if you didn't see 22 yet:
episode hinted at the possibility that Shouma himself might be adopted as well and that was a bit of a bomb.
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