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Originally Posted by risingstar3110 View Post
One of the main reason that i may end up liking the Hobbit more at this rate, could be because of how main character is portrayed. I means Frodo got it hard too, but without clear exploring background on the ring corruption, still feel like he is a sissy, and whiner, and damsel-in-distress all at one.
To be fair, I think you're not supposed to relate to Frodo. You're supposed to relate to Sam.

Then the Fellowship of the Ring were so much more powerful in term of strength, that we really failed to appreciate their task and courage. Here these dwarfs barely can fight off 4-5 orcs on hyena-backs and spend more time lurking, sneaking, running through enemies than actually fighting. Once again, make this world seems more dangerous, unpredictable than was in loTR
And these are just normal Orcs, too! Not even Urukhai.
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