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Originally Posted by james0246 View Post
You're not supposed to. Within the stories dwarfs are the lesser beings on the "good" side. And I mean that literally. Elves and Man are considered to be the superior races (chosen by God) and dwarfs are just afterthoughts. That is part of the reason why dwarfs are often treated as silly or worse in the books (in the actual story of The Hobbit, Tolkien treats the dwarfs as avarice fools that constantly get into trouble requiring Bilbo to help them escape.)
And like the Orcs, Dwarves were not created by God (called Eru in The Silmarillion), but by one of his 'lieutenants,' if you will, a lesser god named Aule.

Originally Posted by Lightning_Wing View Post
I don't think that's an excuse to make the main character so whiny, honestly.
His whiny nature fits perfectly. He's lived a sheltered life in the Shire and is supposed to represent a more 'human' person plopped in the middle of such an epic conflict. Couple that with the fact that he has to shoulder the most powerful corrupting magic that far stronger people could not resist, he has the right to whine. If you wanted him to be a beastly action hero you either misinterpreted the story or it isn't for you. I actually find it really refreshing how he is portrayed as it makes he and Sam's accomplishment all the more grand; they are little, imperfect people, but manage to resist the ring far better than other characters (even in the movies this is shown: Gandalf won't take the ring, Boromir is obviously strongly tempted by it, Galadriel has trouble resisting it despite only being exposed for a brief time, etc).
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