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The rabbits were alright in general when first introduced as a method of transportation. It was slightly silly with the escape from the Witchking of Agmar. But then the boost. That wasn't quite eye rolling but more of "Wait, did he just try to say something badass?" The audiance I could hear liked it whe he was leading the wargs off. Though there was a complaint that the chase was too long.

Their CGI department might just be overworked to get the first film out. That could ("could") be another reason for three films. To give them time for the large battles were they will need a lot of CGI for the massive armies (especially if they use a lot of wargs).

Out of our group, only one remembered the thunder giants. I looked it up later and found it is really hard to tell in the novels if there really are gaints or if it is just metaphor.
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