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What a crappy ending to an otherwise good series. It had a conclusion that was horrible, which ended up even worse than horrible. The explanation for the incest route was just there. Then, in the end, the MC ends up with no one. From worse to worst.

Kyousuke was admirable throughout the series, but in the end, he becomes quite despicable. He goes with his crazy yells and movements every time he confesses his love for Kirino, and the story in the end felt like the author did not care anymore; just do whatever to finish this story. It is also reflected in the fact that Kyousuke did not care about anyone else either. It was a, "screw everyone. I'll just do what I want and you should just shut up and take it."

The ending closed up all the loose ends, even if forced and short. However, Kyousuke become pathetic, weird, and a little crazy. He didn't care about what is best for his sister or anyone else anymore. He only cared about his own desires. I have lost respect for him completely, even though throughout the series, I sympathize with him the most.

About the best scene in these last few episodes is when Ruri thrashes him in episode 14. He deserved every bit of it. In the end, Kyousuke is the real loser in all of this, as he essentially has lost everyone, as far as romantic relationships go.
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