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As the light novels, I do recommend anime-only watchers to take the time and at least read the last volume. In this series not everything is as clear as they appear and there are many little hints all over the place, the anime has a hard time picking up.
Agreed. Personally, I found the adaptation of Volume 11 a bit lacking. Season 2, episode 13 doesn't quite convey the same message. Specifically, a very important conversation between Kirino, Kyousuke and Manami was left out and the reason for Kyousuke turning into a normal/lazy person isn't fully revealed. Also, the final conversation between Kirino, Kuroneko and Ayase from Volume 11 was sadly never animated.

In certain ways, the last volume builds upon those events and since the anime never shows them, those who don't read the LNs are a bit shortchanged. Kanako's role in the LNs is also a bit bigger so her confession isn't as much of a surprise there.
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