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Reading some other entries in this thread I've noticed that The Beatles seem to be a consistent favorite. It reminds me that I've noticed lately that The Beatles seem to be surprisingly popular with a lot of young people these days, and I'm curious as to why. I'm certainly not saying I don't like them, but I remember when I was younger I liked The Beatles and a lot of older stuff, and everyone thought I was lame and made fun of me for it. This was like, mid '90s, btw. Curious as to what the current perception of them is.
I am a huge Beatles fan too. I guess the spike in their popularity nowadays has something to do with the kind of music that is flooding the market these days. Fans with more discerning tastes listen to old classic stuff like the Beatles because most of the shallow music now do not appeal to them.

Then enterprising minds in the music industry released "digitally remastered" versions of the old albums and now more people have access to these albums.

Personally, I am very happy that many young people listen to the Beatles now compared to the 90s. At least they can say they listen to good quality music.
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