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Originally Posted by SuperKnuckles View Post
I don't know.. I think the anime version, being all clean and decently animated works better personally. I think the reason why they settle with the cleaner look in the vast majority of manga conversions (Look at Hajime no Ippo/ Fighting Spirit for an example) is that it's simply not easy to animate something with a lot of pencil-scraggles and the 'shoujo-style' that is heavily stylized on a page. I can imagine that'd be hell trying to animate all of that.
Oh I understand that perfectly, I'm not asking for a Clannad class animation. But at least they can work on the characters a bit more.

The art balance between background and character is also weird. Some shots look like they employed people who used to do children's illustration's. Or perhaps pre-digital colour age anime.

Nice art, but out of place for an anime. Especially given the character animations.

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