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Originally Posted by Radd
While I am well aware that everyone has their own opinions I do have issue with a couple of your comments.

Poorly animated? Howso? As an animator myself, I'd have to say that despite any subjective opinions one might have regarding the story, characters, drawing style, etcetera, FLCL displays some very well done animation. There's a number of complicated sequences that are pulled off remarkably, and the show displays a lot more secondary motion, and a higher level of detail in it's animation, than most anime, including big budget OVAs.
You're an animator? That's a rare thing to see on message boards for me....

Anyway, I hope you realized that some people don't like the kinf of animatio used of this series (ie. Me.) As for the sequences, do you really think they're that well done? Sure the OVA has a fairly good framerate allowing it to flow, but it doesn't help if it confuses te living crapp out of you.

[quote]So, the show sucks because it's not aimed at the 20+ crowd? I'm personally not a Digimon fan, but I like a lot of anime that's not neccessarily aimed at an audience of my age. There's bound to be a lot of more valid reasons for you not to like the show. Not liking a show because of it's intended audience is exactly like saying it's stupid for Americans to like anime, because it's aimed at a Japanese audience.

Actually, I meant the series overall. This is the chart. Please note I didn' get to see the Japanese version:

Digimon season one: It was average. Then came.......

Digimon season two: What the hell happened?! It was doing well for a dub until now. I hate Davis because he;'s one of the biggest assholes I've ever seen in anime to date, the new characters are spineless, also characters who were intresting are wussies used to advance the plot for Mr. Asshole to shne along with Sir Agnst-a-Lot (AKA: The Digimon Emperor.)

Season 3: Meh-ish......

Season 4: This is almost as bad as season 2. I don't know why they didn't stop after season 2, but the fanboys wouldn't allow such a thing and made it go on until the end of season 4 when it finally ended for good.

By this reasoning, there is no worst anime of all time either, because every show out there is bound to have a couple fans. If they were so utterly wretched enough not to appeal to anyone, no studio would have made such a show. To stay on topic, you maybe should have posted the list of shows you don't like in the thread dedicated to that, and here maybe listed the 5 anime that you personally like the most.
Good point. There's just too much anime in this crazy world.

Now, I honestly do agree with much of your list here, I dislike most of those titles. However, you don't list any reasons. You state that you don't like the show, then you pretty much state that your opinions are self-justifying and that there is no room for disagreement. There's plenty of valid reasons to dislike any of the shows you list, but you don't name any of them. Then you go on to contradict yourself at the end of your post. If you really want people to take your opinions seriously, you really ought to give more thought to the way you present them.
You got it, my good man.

FLCL: First of all, Haruko is a manipulative jerrk who used Naota to get what she wanted. Mamimi existence still confuses me because she adds little to nothing until episode 6. Naota agnsts about nothing. I'll admit I like wierd anikme such as Excel Saga.), but this anime just left me confused on what the hell was going on. On;y really 2 likeable characters:

1. Guy with Big Ass Eyebrows (He tried to warn Naota about Haruko because he knew that she was using him.

2. Naota's dad (he was amusing, but still confused abou episode 4.)

Canti was justa DeM (Duex ex Machina) added in for more baffeling questions for me.

Another thing, what's with the stock school mates? Must every anime have one until it's considered an anime? There was only one important stock class mate, but she's only really important in episode 3. It took me 7 times watching that episode until I found out why the crowd broke out into a fight. I don't have time for head-scratchers. I need to watch more anime.

FLCL episode 6 spoiler!

So it's just an anime about advertising for The Pillows, the reasom why I wanted to watch it. In general, it's just too wierd. It makes Excel Saga seem sane and understandable.

Naruto: It's a been-there-done-that anime. I'm sick of this done in so many anime and Naruto doesn't help.

The characters:

1. Naruto is a whiny annoying concieded main lead (go figure). When I read the manga I thought that Naruto was about 13 to 16, but he's really 10. This shot down my "deep tough guy voice heory" to, instead he was done by a girl (I should've known, after all, it's Shonen Jump.)

2. Susake is probably my most hated anime character up to date. He's not cool, handsome, intresting, or likable. He's every stereotype I hate in anime all in one package. I'm really tired of his "I'm too good to be with these guys" attitude, and if I hear anyone say he gets nicer later on, well I don't care because I get only 2 to 3 chapters a month to read and it started in about November 2002 in the US.

3. Sakura: Yeppie, yet another bitchy character who lusts over the angsty one. She acts like Susake is the greatest thing since sliced bread and sh treats Naruto like crap. Why must I continue my search for a pink-haired girl in anime that doesn't piss me off?

4. Takeshi (or whatever is name is) : Anout time for someone who doesn't suck to come. He is actually cool. Anyone who can tower over Susake is great, and he's also their teacher. He's not annoying, angsty, or whiny.

5. The rest: Don't really remember the others, but who cares?!

DBZ (Comes with long, dragged on battles and fanboys) + Ninjas - Sayians + Vegeta's (DBZ) and Kaiba's (Yu-Gi-Oh!) "I'm the best attitude" with Susake - Stupid deaths and resurrecting from the dead like Jesus 100000 like Krillen from DBZ = Naruto

How many times can they repeat the same thing over and over again until they stop? The World may never know.
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