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Originally Posted by Shounen View Post
First of all...
Winny.. WinNY fails, it's old and outdated.
Share EX2 that's what im currently using for "distroing" my dvd rips, either mkv or avi oriented ones.

Half of the dvd rips of AVs (Adult Videos) either have crappy bitrate or are really fooly encoded with weird sizes of both the pixel/bitrate oriented way.

Perfect Dark, PD or EX3 as some may call it, is not gonna go up like share or winny did, due to that it's layout is pretty much "screwed up". I wont use Perfect dark, even if it reaches v1.0 the layout is just not worth it.

Sure they've exploited Share already, but hell I aint gona end up with nothing.
We release both new and old stuff on share, just like winny users does. But then again, dont expect to find any fansubs containing english anytime soon
lol about your comment on winny...

It most certainly does not fail. What is most certainly does is fail on users who just happen to be in the wrong area and/or have a POS node list or are just plain unlucky. With an odd node list I seemingly found, it got even better when a friend of mine just dumped his 700KB+ list on me, but even before then I've found many seriously old files and even the newest files before anyone even knows they are there and so far winny has never failed me, unlike how share apparently did.

The saying now takes effect, "to each their own". We can then mash the "one man's trash is another man's treasure" saying and mix in the "sometimes you're lucky, sometimes you aint" saying....

What I do find funny is I've had this PD for quite some weeks but just never got around to even looking at the file...

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