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Seeking old/new anime...

Well as the topic says, I'm seeking Anime, I've just finished watching Great Teacher Onizuka and I've come to love Anime thats related to japanese schools, its quite intertaining, I like drama/comedy/action/scifi. I'm not sure what to watch next, I dunno if theres something related to schools out there like GTO... I like Mythic stuff too...

Some anime I've watched,
GTO>Naruto>Chrno Crusader>Gilgamesh>Last Exile>Inuyasha>Onegai Twins>DN Angel>Peace Maker Kurogane>Demon Eyes Kyo>Ninja Scroll>Da Capo>Love Hina>All Gundams>Gunsliger Girls> and sooo much more...

It you can think about anything please reply!
If u can add a picture of the anime or a bref story overview that'd be great but not required

Thanks alot
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