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Originally Posted by Triple_R View Post
There's a few things I'll say in Haru's defense, even though I myself got slightly annoyed with him this episode.
Good points all-around, you raised some ideas that I'd never considered myself. I hope I'm not coming across as completely unreasonable or as though I'm going to jump on anyone who faults Haru; you and thundrakkon both voiced some issues with him, but I don't have any problems with either of your posts at all.

What bothers me is the extremity with which he's been beaten down in this thread. There is absolutely no way in Hell he deserves to be torn to shreds and treated as though he's a total waste of oxygen. Many of the posters in this thread honestly just baffle me. Why is the person that trained himself to become tougher by downloading an illegal program that stimulates being shot by real bullets (A patched version that removes the feature where you're logged out soon as you're hit, at that!), that refused to let Taku throw a bunch of matches against to farm points because he thought that sounded dishonorable, that fought Nomi to protect Chiyu both in the Accel World and more importantly the real world, a spineless loser? Why is someone that immediately forgives a friend that spend the past two years deeply betraying him, that is almost unfailingly sweet and polite to people, that never fails to support Kuroyukihime whenever she's feeling depressed (Or any other friend for that matter), that reached out to a girl who he had every reason to believe was a complete deranged sociopath sure to betray them, and in general has never been anything except a supportive, loyal, faithful friend an ungrateful jerk that doesn't deserve any of his friends? What, is the fact that he slapped Chiyu's food away in the first episode really that big a deal? Saying or doing something you regret in the heat of the moment isn't exactly unprecedented, everyone does it once or twice.

Speaking of which, everyone else does worse things than Haru, but they don't receive the third degree like Haru has. Yukihime killed a perfectly nice guy that was completely off his guard (And is still depressed two years later! The nerve of that girl, how dare she have emotions!), where's the people getting on her case? What about Chiyu, who strings Taku along, shamelessly flirts with Haru in his presence, and dated a guy in love with her for whom she had no feelings simply to keep the boat from rocking? Or what about dear old Taku, who spied on his girlfriend for two years, actually did betray his friends, that jumped to conclusions this episode and accused Haru of something rather insulting, and attacked a girl who was in a fucking coma? Oh, that's right; none of them committed the cardinal sin of whining a bit, something that most people have zero patience for. Silly me.

I sincerely hope that you lot have more compassion and understanding for real human beings than you do for Haru, and that this stunning display of emotional retardation (Sorry, it's the most apt description I can think of) isn't the norm. If Haru's behavior here is completely inexcusable, I find it hard to imagine that you would all have any tolerance for anyone except those who are completely stoic, completely rational, completely devoid of any sort of angst or weakness or inner conflict at all, completely immune to those oh-so-irritating-and-intolerable basic human emotions Haru displays. I can't believe that so many people are being so hard on the poor kid simply for being depressed and bummed out for half a day. Jesus christ.
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