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Hey, this episode wasn't as bad as I thought.

Hmm.. Haru did annoy me a little, but I sense that there's something wrong with him. But who cares? He's just really sad, angry and confused. The fight with Dusk Taker.. Haru has definitely gotten stronger

After Haru lost his wings, the emotions were very well conveyed by both Haru and Chiyu to make the audience deeply feel sorry for them and to also hate Dusk Taker even more.

Nawww and Ash Roller can see his depression and he's becoming a friend. And LOL Ash roller flipped Haru and it was all blurred out XD Hehe, he so cool

Sky Raker seemed very nice

Screw you Dusk Taker, selfish people like you are gonna get pwned by the protagonists soon. It happens to almost all characters like you.
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