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It really depends on what kind of music you like to listen to....

The AIR OST has about 50% decent stuff if you like piano and vocals.

KOTOKO has some decent trance (mixed in with fluffier pop) and some decent blues pop. Her -haze- album and the mini album with DuWadidid ....

UA has some really good stuff (avant garde, blues, traditional, experimental)

Its hard to find solid *rock* stuff .... along the lines of "Maze of the Dark" off of the Evangeline (Negima) character CD.

Some of the background music of Honey & Clover led me to Spitz and Shigeo (male folk rock singers)...

I tripped over Hinoi Team (cute and requires little thinking - Europop (happy simple stuff))

I tend to be really disappointed in the visual kei bands..... really visually stunning (duh) but pretty lame soft pop noises.

Really, you just have to kind of hunt and peck. What I like may suck to other people and vice versa. I'm definitely going to check out any non-anime stuff anyone mentions here if it intrigues me.

edit: I see I answered this twice... oh well, this is v 2.0. Looks like I'll be hunting up L'Arc~en~Ciel and Gackt and perhaps Misia

edit2: I see some anonymous redmarked my reputation without comment for this post --- its kind of hard to improve if ya don't comment

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